The Funniest Wildlife Photos By Award-Winning Austrian Photographer

  1. artFido

    A wish on a dandelion. We don't know what sort of wish this hamster is about to make, but we do hope that even his smallest dreams come true.

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  3. artFido

    Suddenly, a wild fox appears who seems to be sharing a personal joke with herself. We aren't entirely sure why the smiley face, but it is very contagious.

  4. artFido

    This fast and furious predator not only looks like he just escaped prison, he also won the contest of Funny Wildlife Pictures 2015 while doing so. We speculate that it was due to the contents of his cheeks, which remains a mystery up to this day.

  5. artFido

    Welcome back to Squirrel Yoga 101, today we have ourselves a treat. This pose will surely cure all the leftover blues after Valentine's day, not to mention it's good for your back! All you need to do is hit a local forest, find a mossy twig and let those bad feelings escape you.

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  7. artFido

  8. artFido

    Let's be real, everyone gets thirsty on a hot summer day and this cute little thing thought of a good way to quench her thirst!

  9. 19 Red Fox


    "Do you think the snow will bring out the color in my fur?"

  10. artFido

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