This 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is a Beautiful Artist and Fashion Model


Believe it or not, this stunning woman is 59 years old. Yasmina Rossi is a fashion model, photographer and advanced ceramist.  And a grandmother to boot! One of those people that can just do it all, it seems.

Yasmina is highly sought after on catwalks all over the world, working with numerous famous international brands like Marks & Spencer, Hermes and Macy’s. How does she do it? “There is no big secret,” she told the Sunday Times’ Style magazine. “All I have ever done is eat organic food – long before it became trendy. I take oil and use it on my skin: I put rapeseed oil on my hair. I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar. I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish.”

Just wow!

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59-years-old-grandma-fashion-model-yasmina-rossi-7__880 59-years-old-grandma-fashion-model-yasmina-rossi-9__880 59-years-old-grandma-fashion-model-yasmina-rossi-11__880 59-years-old-grandma-fashion-model-yasmina-rossi-12__880 59-years-old-grandma-fashion-model-yasmina-rossi-15__880 (via Bored Panda) And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


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