A Mesmerizing Alarm Clock That Works Using Magnetic Fluids


Ferrolic is a mesmerizing clock which relies on the manipulation of magnetic fluids to display the time. Invented by Zelf Koelman, the clock uses ferrofluid – a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field – to display recognizable shapes in response to magnets embedded inside the clock’s aluminum frame. The moving blobs look almost alive, a fact not lost on Koelman who refers to them as “creatures.”

According to Koelman, “A few years ago I fell in love with the magical characteristics of a little black ‘blob’ in a bottle. One could manipulate the position and shape of a floating drop of Ferro Fluid with a magnet. The dynamics and shape of this liquid body was much like a living entity. I decided to allow this entity to live its own life and have a function. A year of research and engineering eventually resulted in Ferrolic.”

Not only is Ferrolic able to tell time, but it’s also customizable. Users can display text, shapes, and transitions by operating a web app that transmits information to the clock. This transforms the device into a tabletop piece of art that one can display around the house.

Reaching for the credit card? Maybe not just yet. The clocks are a bit of a prototype so far, with only 24 of the devices available at a price of around $7,500 euro each (approx $8500USD and 5500GBP), making it much more of a limited edition art piece than a consumer-grade alarm clock. But if you want to get a present for that person that has everything, you can purchase one here

Clock2 Clock3 Clock4 Clock5 Clock6 Clock7

(via MyModernMet)

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